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Our polyurethane system is a 100% solid cementitious, urethane flooring system. Polyurethane is a heavy duty flooring system that is highly chemically resistant. This system provides the highest level of thermal shock and impact resistance.

Our polyurethane flooring systems are hygienic and contain antimicrobial additives which eliminates the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%.

Polyurethane floor coating systems are odor free and resist up to 250 F. and they take up to 98% humidity.

They are an excellent flooring choice for food processing and heavy duty production areas, pharmaceutical, kitchens, chemical processing and bottling facilities.


  • VOC and ADA Compliant

  • Heat resistance up to 250 F. and takes up to 98% humidity

  • Very high chemical and impact resistant

  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistant

  • Easy to clean with a wide range of textures

  • Hygienic and safe-anti microbial additive for eliminating bacteria growth

  • Can be applied with moisture levels up to 14/lbs/1,000 SF/24 hours

  • Wide range of decorative or solid color for different areas

  • NSF registered and meets USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements

  • Bonds to most any type of sound subfloor, and best solution for repair, restoration or new construction


Heavy duty production facility, bakeries, bottling plants, commercial kitchens and restaurants, chemical processing, food processing plants, chocolate factories, supermarkets, pharmaceutical, cook/chill areas, wash rooms, loading docks and loading bays.

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