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FTS is dedicated to applying full-service specialty floors and wall coatings. We provide industrial, commercial, and decorative floor and wall coatings, and resurfacing for:


  • Hotels

  • Bakeries

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Restaurants

  • Supermarkets

  • Food processing

  • Milk and dairy manufacturing

  • Bottling

  • Meat and poultry processing facilities

  • Bathrooms

  • Warehouses

  • Public areas

  • Many other industries

The FTS team is led by the firm's founding member, Frank Rokhideh. We have more than 26 year's experience providing our application of protective floor and wall coating services. We are sited perfectly to cover Northern and Southern California.


We offer complete service packages on a variety of floor, wall coatings, and finishes and continue to provide our clients with unbeatable pricing and the best of quality.


We begin with the initial consultation. We take the time to listen to the clients goals, evaluate the need and type of coatings required for the area, and our staff will provide a quote along with a plan of action on how we will execute the application on the floor. FTS specializes in making the entire process all about satisfying you, the client.

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