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MMA floor coating is a 100% reactive, fast cure, and high strength acrylic resin system. It has been designed for industrial/commercial and institutional facilities that cannot afford down time. MMA is ready to use for full operation just one hour after application.


​MMA is based on a unique chemistry that provides an exceptional chemical bond as well as mechanical bond to concrete. Most MMA systems are guaranteed to never delaminate from the substrate.


MMA floors are highly chemical resistant, especially to acids, alkalis, oils, salt and other aggressive media.



  • Cures and dries completely in one hour and ready for heavy traffic

  • Exceptional bond, compressive strength, and heavy impact resistant

  • Easy to clean and maintain, reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement

  • UV resistant, hard wearing, and impact and abrasion resistant

  • Spillage, stain, and highly chemical resistant

  • Seamless, non- porous, no cold joint, and anti bacterial and fungal additive

  • Low temperature cure – cures less than one hour in temperature as low as -20 F

  • Indoor and outdoor application, and waterproof

  • VOC compliant, NSF registered and meets USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements

  • Wide range of decorative or solid color for different areas



Food & beverage facilities, manufacturing, bottling plants, production areas, commercial kitchens, hotels and resorts, supermarkets, restaurants, public areas, swimming pools, loading docks, mechanical, chemical and electronic industries, stadiums, health care facilities, animal care facilities, theme parks, airport terminals, hangars and aerospace.

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