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For over two decades the Principals and staff at FTS have successfully provided seamless flooring services throughout Southern California and Northern California. Our ​team offers the needed expertise and experience to effectively solve your flooring problems. We offer installation services, which includes a broad range of protective coatings to meet any of your coating needs.

FLOOR TEC SOLUTIONS, INC. uses state-of-the-art coating technologies, equipment, and installation methods that provide our customers with long-lasting results.

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MMA floor coating is a 100% reactive, fast cure, and high strength acrylic resin system. It has been designed for industrial/commercial and institutional facilities that cannot afford down time. [read more...]


Our polyurethane system is a 100% solid cementitious, urethane flooring system. Polyurethane is a heavy duty flooring system that is highly chemically resistant. [read more...]

A high performance chemical resistance trowel or self leveling epoxy coatings designed for the protection of concrete floors. [read more...]

Color quartz and flake floor resurfacing systems are hard wearing, decorative resin floor topping consisting of color stable quartz granules and vinyl flakes encapsulated in a clear resin binder. [read more...]

We apply a variety of slip resistant non-skid flooring systems that offer long term, easy to clean finish for durability in environments such as, [read more...]

The affordable decorative lasting beauty of staining/dyeing concrete floors, which unlike other stains, [read more...]

Shot blasting service is an environmentally friendly cost effective method for preparing concrete surfaces and opens the pores in concrete. [read more...]

Floor Tec Solutions staff are highly trained and experienced for over 23 years in the industry, and providing excellent provision and preparation of sub floors for our material installation. [read more...]

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